Continuous Lighting Kit (ICT)

Continuous Lighting Kit (ICT)

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This is a great 3-light continuous lighting kit from Westcott. Continuous lighting is great for food or product shots; it can even be used for portrait photography.  The 5,500K daylight balanced florescent lights offer a nice soft cool light. 


  • (2) TD5 & (1) TD3 lights included for a total of 530 florescent watts
  • 5,500K Daylight Balanced Florescent Lights 
  • (2) 24"x 32" Softboxes  (1) 12" x 36" softbox
  • (3) Light stands
  • 6.5' Counterweight Boom Arm
  • Traveling case on rollers for easy transportation


Weight:60 LBS
Shipping Weight: Not available for shipping.